Iron Man "Modular Armor"

Oscar trejo ironman8e

Hero shot

Oscar trejo 3625 mlm45677918 1720 o

Original reference

Oscar trejo ironman closeup

Close up

Oscar trejo ironman sheet

Character sheet

Oscar trejo ironman wireframe


Oscar trejo 1
Oscar trejo 2
Oscar trejo 3
Oscar trejo 4
Oscar trejo ironman8d


Oscar trejo ironman zbrush


The idea was to redesign the collectible card "Pepsicard"
For this I took the "Modular Armor" (90s Iron man) and gave it a more realistic look
I first did an sketch in Zbrush using a base model, then did the retopo in Topogun and added the details to the geo in Max and created the materials in Vray then did a very simple rig and finished the render in Photoshop