Stream CXXIV Flamingo

General / 14 July 2023

For this stream I did a poll asking for some ideas of animal hybrids and flesh eating flamingo won so this is my take on that idea

Sith Lord

General / 07 May 2023

On may 4th I was inspired to do a sketch of the real Sith lord of the star wars saga

Stream CXXII Troll

General / 28 April 2023

Zbrush 2023 Demo Reel

General / 25 April 2023

Proud to be part of the Zbrush 2023 Demo Reel and be among so many talented artists!

Pikamorph WIP

General / 21 April 2023

Hey! Ive been working on this model on my free time I started the first sculpture of it in one of my streams of 2018 and I went back to resculpt add details and prepare it to an Unreal project I have in mind for it
Hope yall like it
Pikachu + Xenomorph

Stream CXX Troll

General / 03 March 2023

Stream CXI

General / 02 October 2021

Fangoso the clown , a sculpture done just for fun last thursday

Stream CX

General / 07 September 2021

Stream CVII

General / 16 July 2021

Kang the Conqueror
My take on his classic armor from the comics


Stream CVI

General / 05 June 2021

Second Streaming working on my creepy Furby