Mexican Dragon

General / 20 avril 2019

I had this idea during one of my streams some months ago, Im planning to do a collection of dragons from different countries 

I already started with and "egyptian dragon"  (Still work in progress)

And this is my mexican Dragon based on an Axolotl and  one of my favorite animals an Alligator snapping turtle

I finished the retopology and started working details, I still need to do the scales and textures 

If you missed the original stream you can watch it here:


General / 13 avril 2019

Its been some time since I took illustrations from artists I follow on instagram and make them in 3D my #2D23D

So for this one I did a sculpture based on the illustration of Dante the dog from Coco, done by Ana Ramírez @florecitasdelcampo

Stream LII

General / 12 avril 2019

Beelzebub - Lord of flies

Thanks to everyone who came to the streaming you can watch my streams each thursday at 8pm (LA time) in zbrush live


Stream LI

General / 05 avril 2019

Yesterday´s  theme was Ancient Robot still plenty of things to work on but the idea was to create a robot / totem from a lost african tribe

Stream L

General / 29 mars 2019

This was my 50th streaming D:

Axolotl + Dragon 


General / 29 mars 2019

So I have the personal goal of this year finishing all the projects that I have in my sadly big "wips" folder.

Stream XLIX

General / 22 mars 2019
Done during my streaming yesterday :)

Original Illustration by Ian Barker  



General / 08 mars 2019

My stream ended in a very abrupt way because my computer crashed

Its just a wip for the Ring of Elysium Challenge in CG Society

Concept Art Test

General / 02 mars 2019

Im about to finish my tutorial of using 3D for Concept art  and I wanted to put in practice the techniques I show so I did a test.

This is still a wip I will be taking it further but it was also a nice way to keep playing with lightning.



He estado trabajando en un tutorial que usa principalmente 3D para hacer concept art y quise poner en practica lo que muestro en el tuto asi que hice esta prueba. Aun es un wip pero lo estare terminando.

Stream XLVII

General / 22 février 2019

Medusa I did during my streaming. 

Sadly Im having issues with my computer so I havent been able to do big renders :( 

The render was done in vray , it looks a little noisy for the same issue :(